Is Baby Oil Good for Massage?

Is Baby Oil Good for Massage

Massage therapy has been used for ages for different purposes. However, for whatsoever reason you choose to employ massage therapy, understand that oils play a major role in the process of a massage. Oils serve as a lubricant to avoid friction during a massage. In addition to this, oils also help nourish the skin during massage. With this in mind, choosing the best oil for body massage is of utmost importance as you will have to bear in mind various factors. One of which is the compliance of the oil with the skin so that it doesn’t cause skin irritation.

In this article, we have listed the best oil for body massage to help you choose the right one for you.


Top Ten Oils That Are Good For Body Massage

Fractionated Coconut Oil: Unlike the regular coconut oil, the fractionated coconut oil is a non-greasy, lighter oil that comes without the smell of normal coconut oil, making it one of the best oil for body massage. This oil is cost-effective, has a long storage life and is packed with a lot of health benefits.

Apricot Kernel Oil: This oil is enriched with Vitamin E, light, has a lower tendency to become rancid and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy as it absorbs nicely into the skin. Although it has a texture and color similar to almond oil, it is usually more expensive than almond oil.

Sweet Almond Oil: This oil is smooth, causing the hand to glide easily through the body during a massage. Having a pale yellow color, this oil does not cause irritation to the skin, however, it might leave a stain on your sheets.

Avocado Oil: This oil has a green color as it is gotten from Avocado fruit. It can be used solely or in combination with Almond oil during a massage.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is not just one of the best oil for body massage because of its long storage life, it is also an oil of choice for people who have acne as it contains antibacterial properties. You can also be sure you won’t suffer skin irritation with the jojoba oil.

Sunflower Oil: You cannot mention the best oil for body massage without including the Sunflower oil. This oil has a high amount of essential fatty acids like Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid and Stearic acid which come together to make your skin healthier. This oil is non-greasy and light, although, it has the tendency to become rancid, however, adding at least two capsules of Vitamin E oil helps to elongate its storage life.

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter has a rich and sweet smelling aroma that endears a lot of people to it. It can also be a top choice oil for massaging especially when it is combined with other oils.

Sesame Oil: This oil comes in a very thick and sticky consistency and should be mixed with other massage oil during a massage. Sesame Oil is also well known for its therapeutic abilities as it can be used during constipation, anxiety, bloating amongst others.

Kukui Nut Oil: This oil can be applied on all types of skin. It has a light consistency and can help in the repair of sunburnt skin.

Grapeseed Oil: The Grapeseed oil is quite popular and it has a smooth texture without odor and doesn’t leave you oily afterward. Although it is well known for its capacity to stain sheets, it is also one of the best oil for body massage.


In Conclusion

The aforementioned oils listed above, as well as some others that did not make it into this list, are very good for body massage. Added to their benefits stated above is the fact that they are not petroleum-based mineral oil. Most baby oils are petroleum-based mineral oils and are therefore not appropriate for body massage.

The minerals from baby oils tend to be absorbed by the body and this makes baby oil not suitable for massage. Therefore, when having a massage or giving your baby a massage, the best oil that can be used are natural oil as they absorb better and do not cause irritation.

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