The Best Massage Chairs (Review) in 2020

best massage chairs

What’s better than a foot massage? A full body massage.

Picture this: after a long, tiring day of work, you come home to your own, personal massager that doesn’t ask any questions but knows exactly what it takes to make you fully relaxed, comfortable and rejuvenated. All you have to do is sit back and let the tension and worries fade away.

 The Best Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

According to a large number of positive reviews, Kahuna massage chair LM6800 is one of the best massage chairs on the market at the moment. It features a computerized body scan technology that tailors massages to your specific body shape, as well as three stages of zero gravity that help balance your body weight throughout the entire chair. This chair offers six different massage programs, including dual foot rollers for your feet, heating therapy, Kyro function and special yoga stretching program for the whole body. There is also the Kahuna Signature SH-Chiro program which is specifically designed to target your spine. Finally, let’s not forget that Kahuna chair offers a full body shiatsu specialized therapy which can target your whole body or specific areas of your choice.

Bonus: The footer area is detachable and washable.



If you’re looking for a simple and affordable massage chair, Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 is the perfect massage chair for you. This compact, sleek and modern massage chair replicates techniques used by real-life expert massagers, offering customizable, invigorating massages for your whole body and specific body parts. With its three auto-program massage options, you can choose between THINK (targets your entire back), PERFORM (targets your neck and shoulders) and RECHARGE (targets your lower back specifically). iJoy Active 2.0 also comes with a foot massager which delivers reflexology foot massage for complete rejuvenation.

Bonus: Weighing only 45 lbs, this massage chair is fully portable.



One of the top rated massage chairs worldwide, Relaxon Chair MK-II Plus is a full body shiatsu massage that is sure to rejuvenate and de-stress you. Featuring a full body massage system with four automatic programs, five manual specific targeted massages and computerized body scan, Relaxon is one of the best massage chairs on the market. This chair has a Buttlock L-track Massage System that provides a full body massage that is specifically beneficial for those suffering from chronic lower back pain, sore glute muscles and sciatica. With its three zero gravity positions, Relaxon provides a deep tissue massage, air massage and lumbar back heating.

Bonus: this massage chair comes with a remote controller that adds to user convenience.



One of the more affordable massage chairs, Relaxzen Leisure Massage Chair is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but do want comfort, relaxation and fantastic full body massage options. Relaxzen features eight vibration motors that massage and relax the upper body, mid-back, thighs and calves. There are 5 intensity levels that can help the user choose the level of the massage they’re most comfortable with, as well as a soothing lumbar heat option that can further de-stress and rejuvenate the user. This affordable massage chair comes with an ottoman that has a vibration massage option included so you can get a full body massage from head to toe.

Bonus: Although quite lightweight, Relaxzen is sturdy and promises long-term durability.



The Ideal Massage Shiatsu chair is one of the top rated and best-selling massage chairs currently. And it’s no wonder: it’s a full body zero gravity massage chair that comes with 4 auto programs and four massage functions: shiatsu, spinal rolling, kneading and vibrating. There is also manual mode included which lets you take control of the massage you’re getting and adjust the intensity, speed, etc. This top quality massage chair comes with airbags built into all important areas, including shoulder, arm, foot, calf and seat area. There is also built-in heat therapy that helps relieve muscle tension and three zero gravity positioning for maximum comfort.

Bonus: The Ideal Shiatsu massage chair has an S-Track frame which enables a high-quality spine massage.



Sleek and modern, iJoy 2580 is a robotic massage chair that not only provides excellent full body massage, but can actually help complement your home. Affordable, modern and durable, iJoy 2850 was voted as a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy; here is why: it features three invigorating auto-massage programs, including Refresh entire back, Release lower back, and Relieve neck and shoulders. All three programs mimic the techniques used by professional massagers, such as rolling, kneading and compression. This ultimate massage chair comes with a built-in control panel and power outlet, which means when you sit and relax, there’s no need to get up to customize your massage or even charge your phone – you can do all of that right from the comfort of your chair.

Bonus: iJoy 2580 has a power recline that lets you personalize the angle of your massage and intensity.



Another affordable but high-quality massager chair comes from Real Relax. This full body massage chair could very well be the ultimate massage chair because not only is it under $1000, but it comes with four automatic massage programs, eight massage points in the backrest, fifty airbags placed all over the chair and a zero gravity feature. Real Relax massage chair also has a heater built inside of the seat area, which helps promote circulation and relieve glute muscle tension. As for specific massages this chair offers, there is the hands, shoulders and neck massage, the hips massage and the foot massage.

Bonus: The Real Relax massage chair comes with a remote controller and a high-definition display screen with makes massage customization a piece of cake.



BestMassage EC-06 is an updated, full body shiatsu massage chair with many different features that is sure to relieve your muscle tension, reduce fatigue and de-stress you. Fully automatic, EC-06 offers three massage programs, including Recovery, Refresh and Relax, as well as ultra-long range massage that starts from the neck and goes all the way to the tailbone. There are different massage techniques available, including kneading, rolling, tapping, flapping and percussion and compression. There are also multiple levels of intensity you can choose from, ranging from weak to strong massages. Finally, EC-06 boasts thirty airbags, all providing tension relief for your arms, buttocks, thighs, legs, calves and feet.

Bonus: With its heated intelligent rollers, EC-06 by BestMassage offers a therapeutic heated massage.



If you’re looking for the ultimate massage chair that is doctor-designed, highly customizable and not only offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but also helps with physical recovery, you’ve found it: Medical breakthrough 4. This full body massage chair features an advanced L-track massaging technique that ensures a full body massage is delivered by vertically positioned rollers. A medical body scan scans your entire body to customize the position of those massage rollers so that you can get a massage specifically tailored for you. This top quality massage chair also boasts a zero gravity design that helps distribute the user’s weight evenly across the chair. The chair comes with four massage techniques, including shiatsu, knocking, flapping and simultaneous kneading and flapping, as well as adjustable intensity levels.

Bonus: Medical Breakthrough 4 offers a soothing infrared heating option for maximum comfort.



Last but definitely not least, comes EC161 by BestMassage. This full body massage chair offers multiple intelligent massage methods, including Relax, Recovery, Refresh and Extend, while its zero gravity feature ensures a thorough full body massage that promotes relaxation and reduces muscle tension. EC161 features an L-track massaging technique, as well as an OPTO sensor device thanks to which anyone can get a customizable massage. There is also a heater placed in the waist area which can alleviate even the most intense backache and improve digestion. Finally, EC161 has roller massagers for the feet, which can improve blood circulation and help with the whole body relaxation.

Bonus: BestMassage EC161 comes with LED screen and a remote controller.


Now that you’ve checked out all the best-rated massage chairs, here is how you can choose the right one for you.

  • Money

First and foremost, how much money are you willing to spend? If you can afford the pricey massage chairs, go for the top-notch quality ones  – whichever you choose, it’s more than likely you’ll be satisfied. If, however, you cannot afford the more expensive massage chairs, don’t worry  – there are many affordable but good-quality options out there. What’s important is to do your research and stay within your budget so you don’t regret your purchase.

  • Space

So you’ve found the perfect massage chair for you and you’ve ordered it – but you haven’t checked the space of your living room and now the chair cannot fit! Believe it or not, this happens. To avoid this problem, consider the space you’re working with before you even start checking out the specifications of massage chairs. Bear in mind that most top quality massage chairs are quite heavy and bulky, so make sure you actually have the space for one. If you’re working with a small living room,  bedroom or any small house area, pick a more compact, or even a portable massage chair.

  • Your Needs

Finally, to pick the best massage chair, consider your needs. What are you trying to address with a massage chair? Is it muscle tension, stress, physical injury, back pain? Whatever it is, it’s crucial to pick the chair that addresses your specific problems and needs. You can get the best massage chair there is, but if it isn’t catering to your specific needs, it’s no good.

top rated massage chairs


All massage chairs work differently. For example, the simplest, most basic type of a massage chair uses a series of vibrations to provide a user with a vibrating massage. But even those simple massage chairs target the most important body areas – back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head – meaning, even the cheapest massage chairs can be beneficial.

Of course, today, most massage chairs use a combination of motors, rollers and gears to provide a deep, thorough massage that is also comfortable and relaxing. Most modern massage chairs also have controllers that enable the user to control the type of the massage they’re getting, its intensity and the location.

  • Vibrating massages

As mentioned, vibrations are the simplest method of massage. Produced by a motor that spins gears or weighted wheels, vibrations provide basic but highly effective massages.

  • Air massages

Using several airbags, modern massage chairs can produce soft and relaxing massages that usually (but not always) target the following body areas: feet and legs, arms and hands.

  • Heat therapy

Heating up the rollers, massage chairs can produce heat therapies, particularly beneficial for those who suffer from back pain, stiff back and muscle tightness.

  • Zero gravity

Although zero gravity is not a massage per se, but a feature of a massage chair, it’s worth mentioning it here because it provides a totally different massage experience. With zero gravity feature, you get an evenly distributed massage that may make you feel like you’re floating in air. This feature is especially beneficial for those who suffer from spine issues.

So, for example, with one massager chair, the user can get a gentle shiatsu massage on their back, a strong kneading massage on their legs and an air massage on their neck with moderate intensity.

No matter the type or brand, one thing remains true for all massage chairs: by incorporating multiple different devices and systems inside, the massage chairs should provide therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating massages to users.


Depending on your specific needs, you may want to look for specific massage features.

For instance, if you have chronic back pain problems or some kind of a physical injury, chairs with the zero gravity feature are your best bet. You may also want to purchase a chair with back heating options.

If you often suffer from sore and aching feet, you definitely want to purchase a chair with foot and leg massage rollers.

If you suffer from muscle tension and stiffness, make sure your massage chair has multiple massage airbags, as they help stimulate circulation and relieve muscle pain and tension.

On the other hand, if you just want something that will help you relax and unwind, go for typical vibration and/or rolling massage chairs.

Whatever you choose, make sure you pick the chair that has full body massage programs.


Although massage chairs can be thought of as a modern luxury, or personal spa treatments at-home, massages have been practiced for thousands of years, not only for pleasure but for their health benefits too. Numerous studies have shown that a massage can:

  • Relieve back, muscle and joint pain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help with physical recovery
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Promote wellbeing and relaxation.

As for massage chairs specifically, with their advanced features, customizable settings and ultra-comfortable seating, they offer all of the health benefits of the conventional massages and more. This is because powerful vibrations, kneading, rolling and other types of massage in massage chairs provide deep tissue massage that is rarely achieved through regular massage. Furthermore, massage chairs can be used more often, at any time, in the comfort of your own home.

Another important but often overlooked benefit of massage chairs is their affordability. Usually, when people think of buying massage chairs, they think of how much money they’re going to spend, but we have a different suggestion – when buying a massage chair, think of how much money you’re going to save long-term! Normally, a massage appointment at a spa center can cost anywhere between $100 and $150. To get all the benefits of massages though, you need to receive them often and regularly – at least once a month. With your personal massage chair, you can not only receive monthly, but daily massages and still not spend a fortune. In fact, in just a few months, a massage chair will actually save you time and money.

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