How To Make Time For a Massage

How To Make Time For a Massage

When was the last time you had a good massage? If this question gets you scratching your head, you should know right now that you are not alone. The most common excuse for not having a massage by many people is the lack of time. That’s right! Many people spend most of their time earning a living or being engaged in one activity or another. These days it is rare to meet someone that isn’t preoccupied with “work”.

The irony of working very hard is that you really need to be in good shape to do so, right?!

Let’s put it this way, your body works like a machine and like any other machine, it needs regular check ups or it could eventually break down. The body needs healthy food, clean drinking water, lots of rest and sleep (which you hardly get due to your hard work), regular medical check up and even a good massage. Having a massage should not only be a way of relaxing while you are on holiday. The question is, when your body is showing signs of breaking down, do you wait till you are on vacation to attend to its needs?

While this sinks in, ask yourself when is the right time to have a massage?


When Is The Right Time For A Massage?

Having a massage is really a personal decision driven by a niggling health challenge or a conscious effort to stay healthy. The right time to get a massage is not tomorrow or the day after, but right now! Yes, you have to get a massage right now and once you do, you are sure to be hooked for life.

A massage will relax your nerves and relieve your body of aches and pains. It is great for fighting insomnia and will boost your immune system. So why have you not been having regular massages? If your answer to this question is because of “time and cost”, you should know that you do not necessarily have to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist in order to get a good massage.

You can…

…do It Yourself (DIY Massage)

A typical massage session with a trained therapist might put a strain on both your pocket and time. Finding an alternative way of getting a regular massage should be something considered. Investing in a massage chair is one viable way of getting a massage in the comfort of your home.

A massage would also help to increase your blood circulation and improve the quality of your sleep. It would also minimize your stress levels, improve the flexibility of your spine and generally make you feel a whole lot better.

You can start by scheduling your massage time to just before bedtime. This way you will not only relax better, but may soon find yourself fast asleep in no time at all. Finally, you should begin your DIY massage in short spells of 15 to 20 minutes daily. In time, you can steadily increase the time spent on a massage.

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