How Effective Are Massage Chairs

How Effective Are Massage Chairs?

Are you considering buying a massage chair? Before you do, you should certainly be aware of what you’ll be getting. So, keep on reading to find out how effective massage chairs really are and what you can expect from one.

Pros & Cons of Massage Chairs

There are certainly pros and cons of using a massage chair. It is definitely more limited when it comes to treating certain areas of the body.  Regular massage chairs are usually equipped to treat neck and shoulders and upper and lower back, while some state-of-art chairs even offer a leg, arm and head massage. But it can never give you a deep work massage, or perform more sensitive strokes that require manual work. For example, an abdominal massage is not an option here.

A massage therapist can use a combination of different massage styles, while the chairs offers programmed vibrations where the only thing you can change is the intensity or frequency of the vibrations. These functions are often controlled remotely, through control settings. Try not to mess with those settings in the beginning, at least until you get a better understanding of the functions the chair can provide. Once you go through the basics, it’s time to sit back and enjoy those good vibes.

What Are They Good For?

Massage chairs are an excellent option for at home use, for relieving symptoms of fatigue, stress, lowering blood pressure and many more health benefits. What they lack, though, is human touch. However, a massage chair is a one time investment, so forget about the hassle booking massage appointments in advance, spending hundreds of dollars on one massage session and having to drive home after your massage. You’ll have your on personal masseuse in the comfort of your own home. You’ll have the option to kick back and relax after a long day at work, catch up on some weekend binge watching your favorite TV show or even squeeze in some late night work, all while getting a massage.

How Often Should I Use a Massage Chair?

Before you go off and spend the entire day in it, you should know that too much time and vibrations could have opposite effect to the symptoms you wanted to eliminate in the first place. It’s better to use it for 15 to 30 minutes every few hours, than to ‘overdose’ and earn additional pain in your critical areas. Too much time spent in a massage chair is not recommended. The recommended time of a massage is there for a good reason. Even though its purpose is to deal with sleeping disorders, too much motion could bring you insomnia.

Remember, timing is crucial. So, set your timer now, and enjoy your 15 to 30 minute drive.


So, if your body aches on a regular basis, or you just want to kick back and have a relaxing night, what are you waiting for? A massage chair will become your new best friend within minutes. Grab your favorite book and you are ready to go.

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